Tennis shoes are best! We jump, climb, hang, run, skip, leap, gallop, crawl, roll, hop, bounce, kick, start, stop, walk, dodge, walk on tip toes, ďtap-tap-tapĒ on our toes, and have our toes in all kinds of funny places! High-heels and sandals and mules just donít work! We donít want any ankles twisted, toes smashed, or shoes flying off! (We leave all shoes on during class. We donít want your childís time on the bus spent dealing with shoes! Also, tennis shoes or hikers provide the best traction and stability for the foot).

Leggings or shorts under a dress is a must! We flip or roll or hang upside down one way or another at almost every class. Loose, comfy play clothes work the best! Puffy, or big pleated dresses can sometimes get in the way of performance, and then it becomes a safety issue!

Limit jewelry or hair accessories! Please, no necklaces or headbands which could be lost or broken. A simple pony tail to keep long hair out of the face works best!


By law, we cannot administer anything for injuries except for bandaids. If a scrape breaks the skin, or if a bruise or bump may appear, we will apply a bandaid and fill out an accident report to be sent home. A more serious injury would be handled by the daycare centerís emergency procedures on file, and an accident report would be sent home, as well as a phone call placed directly to you.