TUMBLEBUS Enrollment

The TUMBLEBUS is an ongoing program that runs all year round. There is a $20 registration fee per child. Registratioin includes a free T-shirt. If you sign your child up late, your registration fee will be pro-rated.

This is a tuition based, skill progression program with a limited number of spaces per class. Your enrollment guarantees your child his/her place in the class. TUMBLEBUS is an ongoing program. Once you are enrolled we will be taking your child EVERY week and you will be charged, unless you call our office to discontinue. You may withdraw at any time by simply contacting us with your intent and a specific date for withdrawal. Classes will still be billed and payment will still be expected for any child who has not been formally withdrawn from the program.

Our payment options are listed below:

Plan A - $50 Monthly Auto Charge - 4 classes (2nd child Half price)
Plan B - Pay in full (2nd child half price)
Please call TUMBLEBUS office for amount.
Plan C - $50 Monthly Payment - 4 classes. Payment can be made using a credit card, debit card, personal check or cash. Payments are due the 1st class of eacher 4-week period. A $5 late fee will be added to your account the first week there after. A $25 fee is charged for returned checks.
Plan D - Other payment arrangements please contact our office - Contact Us
- There is a $20 registration fee per child.

Rates are updated as of 2014 — Prices subject to change.

To enroll and pay:

  • Complete the online registration form or download form
  • Choose an option to pay from the Plan Option above
  • If you choose to pay online, visit our payment page
  • If you pay by check, checks should be made payable to "TUMBLEBUS" with your child's name in the memo line
  • Check payments could be placed in a TUMBLEBUS envelope with your child's name and placed in the TUMBLEBUS mail box at your child's school

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